Slavery is a problem that businesses can solve.

The Mekong Club is a movement fighting the business of human slavery. We are the first organisation in the world to bring together the skills and resources of the business community, channeling them into projects that directly disrupt the slavery trade.

Our focus is the Mekong region in Asia, where 9 million people suffer in slavery today. These men, women and children are exploited by others for economic gain, against their will, deprived of all human rights and subjected to unimaginable suffering, for labour or for sex.

Slavery is despicable business, but it is thriving. Human slaves are found in factories, construction sites, fisheries and the sex industry, generating profits of US$32 billion every year, suffering silently and out of sight in our business supply chains and communities.

The Mekong Club is fighting slavery ‘business-to-business’, to disable its economic viability. We will do this through innovative technology and unique, strategic projects with skilled field-experts who have the experience, networks and resources to deliver real change.

We are fighting to make a difference because we believe in taking care of our own and in the justice of a slave free world.

Please join with us in the fight to end slavery by contributing your time, expertise and funding.

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Photo credits

alptraum — girl against blue wall, boy behind fence
tbradford — village children
Lucas Jans — boy on fishing boat
MTV Exit — boy in sweat shop
UNIAP — other photos
D. Crofton — Mekong River

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